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S8 B - Blue

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S8 B - Blue

Daisy Series 8
Translucent Blue
8 year pro rata warranty
Pro Rata Warranty 8 years

A premium choice for maximum durability.
By far the most popular of the Daisy range.

All Daisy Series 8 covers are top-of-the-range quality providing the "Daisy Saves" benefits.


Daisy UltraDome Technology

Exclusive Daisy UltraDome technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover - top and bottom.

The perfectly formed UltraDome bubble makes Daisy a stronger pool cover that will last longer.

Our covers will last longer because the added thickness is located just where it is needed the most - at the point of contact where solar heat meets chemical activity.

All our series covers have UltraDome Technology and differ only in thickness (micron) of the material used.
This micron difference affects the life of the cover and the Daisy pro-rata warranty.

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